XiiaLive Pro keeps playing audio even after app is closed

DonpK 8 years ago updated by Nanren 7 years ago 3

When I close XiiaLive after streaming audio, the app user interface disappears from the screen, but the streaming audio continues to come out of the speakers. I have to go into the Applications Manage and do a Force Stop of XiiaLive to stop the audio.

Does someone know what's going on? Is this an app issue or something with the Android OS? And a related question: If I press the XiiaLive stop button, the audio stops, but is the app still using resources and is my device still connected to the server?

Yes it does using some resources if you close Xiialive by just pressing home button. Open multitask and swipe Xiialive box to close Xiialive. The app still remain in the memory but it won't use any resources.

I don't quite understand what you're saying. If you look at the screenshot, when I click on the "X" to close the app, the streaming music keeps playing. The only way I can stop the music is by going into the App Manager and doing a Forced Stop

Screenshot of Xiialive app

Oh, it is a feature, not a issue. Player can't be force stopped if you close the app from multitask. Maybe it is to avoid player being stopped when closing all apps by a mistake. Best way to stop is press the stop button and close the app from the multitask. Working for me and it doesn't use any resources.