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Using Viper4Android to improve audio on rooted Samsung S3 (LineageOS14.1). Viper driver status shows the driver is active etc., but not processing XIIAlive. Does process Y Music & other music apps. Any ideas?



Viper4Android still working on Xiialive on my Z3 Compact running rooted Lollipop 5.1.1

Make sure you have disabled or deleted AudioFX and MusicFX

Update Busybox to the latest version

Change SElinux to premissive. Viper4Android can't work if SElinux is enforced

If none of these helps, it might be your ROM issue.

Thanks very much for these tips and info. i do have SElinux set permissive and busybox updated, but need to look at the other issues. Oddly, Viper works for ES media player and Y Music, just not for Xiialive. I'll give the other tips a try and report back. Thanks again!

In Xiialive, try change Stream Engine and UserAgent to FFmpeg under Stream settings. If not help, uninstall Viper drivers and uninstall V4A. Go to XDA and download V4A Open file explorer create folder under /system/app and change permission to 644. Copy V4A .apk into /system/app/<app name> and change permission to 755. Make sure there are no spaces in the name of .apk file. Reboot. Open V4A and install drivers, and reboot again. Now V4A should work.

I repeat: Make sure there are no other sound drivers/mods installed and make sure all musicFX apps (Audio FX, equalier, etc) are completety deleted from your system

In some ROM, there is an option to change musicFX under Sounds settings. Change it to V4A.

In Cyanogenmod/LineageOS, they have build-in superuser but it might be unstable. You may try flashing SuperSU system-mode if LineageOS is pre-rooted in system-mode... you know traditional root. I'm unsure if LineageOS using system-less root (root in kernel) or not. I'm lollipop user.

You may report issue on V4A community or ask V4A users to test Xiialive with V4A for you. I'm about to upgrade my phone to custom stock rom 6.0.1 and i will report back if V4A works or not

Sorry if i explain it too long. My english isn't good. I hope that helps :)


I upgraded my device to Marshmallow 6.0.1. V4A no longer work on Xiialive