XiiaLive not playing some ARD radio stations

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Hello everybody,

I'm using XiiaLive Pro on Android 6.0.1 for playing back some webradio stations as m3u files.

Some days ago I saw, that XiiaLive is unable to play back two radio stations (SWR3 and HR3), while it is working using VLC for Android (v3.0.10).

These are the m3u files:



Thank you in advance!


XiiaLive does not play many stations that work in all other radio apps.  Here is another example:


The XiiaLive project has been abandoned, the app has not been updated in nearly a year.  XiiaLive is also very slow compared to other apps like Vradio, which starts playing immediately.  You can try MyTuner or TuneIn, and search in Fdroid app for "radio".