Move to the next favorite - doesn't work on iOS

Vlad Soare 5 years ago 0


I've been using XiiaLive Pro on my Android phone for quite some time, and I'm very pleased with it. It does everything I expect it to do, and does it well. 

However, I've just replaced my Android phone with an iPhone. I installed the iOS version of the application, stored my favorite radio stations and immediately noticed something wrong. In the Android version, a push of the Next button switches to the next station in my favorites list. Not on iOS, though. The Next/Previous buttons have absolutely no effect - neither in the app itself, nor on the bluetooth-connected device (assuming I'm using it in my car and trying to control it with my steering wheel buttons - something that works perfectly on Android).

I've got the payed version, so I don't think it's an intentionally locked down functionality - at least it shouldn't be.

What am I missing? How do you switch from one favorite to the next in the iOS version?

Thank you.