NHK R1 URL not working IOS

Stephen Chadfield 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10

Still there? Where are you now? I am living in Japan, and I confirmed the URL works and listened to it clearly. In such case, you might be in the oustside of Japan. How about it?

I live in Takarazuka . The URL works in a web browser but not in XiiaLive. It also works correctly in TuneIn Pro.

The URL works on VLC media player on my desktop and XiiaLive Pro on my Android. Can you try pasting the URL and "browse" it on Safari? I've been away from iOS for a century, but I wanna know if the browser could download anything correctly (maybe it's an m3u8 file or the stream itself) or not.

Oops, you tried on web browser. My bad.

The URL works in Safari on iOS. When I paste it into XiiaLive I get the error message "Unable to add URL link. e:-12"

No idea about your situation. Can you add any other URL on the app? 

Yes, I have added other URLs.


I attached a file of my favourite backup where I added NHK with the URL you provided. I cannot instruct how to restore it, and it might wipe your all favourite. But hope restoring works good for you.

The iOS version does not appear to support backup and restore.