Bluetooth ogg stream server offline

Rajil 9 year бұрын updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 year бұрын 4
I connect to a remote icecast stream which requires username/password and it is working well in xiialive. There is however on scenario with bluetooth where it fails. I suspect xiialive is not using the username/password and hence giving server offline. These are the steps to produce it.

1. Xiialive is set to switch on when bluetooth is connected.
2. Turn on the car stereo and let bluetooth connect. 
3. Xiialive starts and tries to connect to the icecast server.
4. Xiialive fails with 'server  offline'  error. 
5. Exit xiialive and restart it. 
6. Xiialive plays successfully the remote stream. 

Can you investigate this please. I am using latest release. 



Are you still having issues? We have resolved various issues since your last post. Thanks!