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Is there a way to cycle through your Favorites list, or a playlist. Like a "Next" button?

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I would like to press a button and have a new station load up. Right now, I have to hit the Back / Live button, then pick a new station. Would be nice to just press "Next" and have a new station (in the playlist or Favorites) load. Thanks!


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This feature is now part of XiiaLive v3!
Any ideas of when this update is released? I use gnump3, just like various other people, and I can't skip through my own playlist.

Could you also consider adding an alternate large version of the widget for use while driving? an "Xiialive - Main (Large)" widget? The current Next/Previous buttons are pretty small targets to tap with just a brief look when you're keeping your eyes on the road. It works better for changing stations than separate shortcuts to a lot of favorites, but I still frequently miss.

Hopefully it wouldn't take much extra coding, maybe just use a larger image resource with the current widget's code.

It seems the Android Home screen has an 8 rows x 4 columns grid for widgets (at least on my phone) and your "Main" widget occupies 2 rows x 4 columns. What if you also had a larger 4x4 version, with LARGE Previous/Next buttons in the 2 bottom rows (2 rows x 2 columns each) that would be easy to tap without looking closely? The top row could have the Play/Stop button (and maybe also a Tag button), with the Station/Song info in the 2nd row as a buffer zone for slightly off target taps.

I have Xiialive version 2.2.2 on a Sprint HTC Evo Shift 4G


If this feature is completed, where do I find the button? The main app doesn't show any media control buttons, just stop. The widget has a next button, but that one skips to the next favorite.
How can I skip to the next song in the same playlist?
Updated the Idea to planned, since you are right we didn't add any buttons to go prev/next on the player.  We are currently redesigning the player and will have these buttons as part of the player.
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Update v2.1.6 has added this feature. Please note this particular feature is available on the paid version.

When will the next button be added to the app.  This is the only thing that is holding me up from buying it.  Really want the feature to be able to go next through my favorites list.



We are working on XiiaLive v3.0.0 huge update which includes this particular feature on the player....
I got excited when I saw a "Player Next/Prev: [Favorites | Playlist]" option in XiiaLive Beta but it doesn't seem to work on Galaxy Nexus. Really liking the update otherwise.

...my fault, just saw the bit about it being a paid option. I've already paid for XiiaLive...Will I get that feature when this goes live?
This feature should be activated on the beta if you have XiiaLive paid version installed.  Yes, this version will be paid version feature. Are you trying to skip favorites?
Oh Hellz yeah! Thanks for the feedback, it's working like a champ. Freakin' sweet!
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This feature is now part of XiiaLive v3!