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 it is nice, when i can see the cover of Band(Song) which I listen with xiia live.

good app



Feature has been added.


Having music cover is something we really want, however it costs a lot of money and XiiaLive currently doesn't have funds for such a feature :(  We hope that we grow and can finally bring in this feature.

this should be very optional. I listen to real radio stations where the music, and its performer, are not relevant. Sometimes the studio cam is relevant. :)
Although it would be nice to see the music cover, I don't think there is any point to it because its a radio app, that you spend time listing to while on-the-go, not watching.  It would take unnecessary processing&data. I like the app because its not bloated with unnecessary features.  Its a "light" powerful app.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are almost ready to release a new version that will provide album art. This new version will add a new skin, which supports album art, as the default skin. Because it is a new skin you will be able to revert to other skins that don't use album art.
When my phone's screen has timed out, or when viewing XiiaLive Pro status in the pull-down, I'm already able to see cover art that's embedded in the streams to which I listen (for example Energy98). Art appears as an icon to the left of the play-controls. I'd love to have the option of displaying cover art that's already being delivered from the "Player" screen.

It would be great if there would be a widget which shows the cover art as well.
Also to be able to change the font colour and size in the widget would be great.