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Love this app. But, am looking to use it with ChromeCast.
Please work with google to add chromecast support.



Hey Guys, I thought I better post something here since I realize my last post was... 2 years ago! :(

So I did look into it back then but got completely off tracked with other work. I apologize for not being able to deliver this feature up to this date. I really want to add it but time is not on my side. I will continue to set this as planned since I do want to get to it soon or later.

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Gah! Was hoping you'd already have this up and sorted! Still, I would probably switch over to you if you get Chromecast support sorted even if you don't have as many (BBC are missing for a start)

Please somebody get this done, I'd absolutely love internet radio on my Chromecast without having to use my laptop!
Hey Guys! I been playing around with this over the weekend and I was able to get something working. However, there will be some major limitations;
1. Not all audio formats will work. Only those audio formats provided by SHOUTcast and UberStations directory.
2. No track updates.

So the initial version would be beta. However, Also, I feel that track updates will be possible on following updates to the app. Once I get something I will make sure to post here and let you know about it. Most likely I will release a beta version with Chromecast support sometime this month.
The limitation with only certain audio formats is due to the other providers sending in formats not supported by the Chromecast itself? What formats are there that isn't supported in that case?
The unsupported formats will most likely come from the URLs added via the ADD URL wizard. If you never added any then there shouldn't be any issues with playing your favorite stations.
From https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/media

Audio decoding

  • HE-AAC
  • LC-AAC
  • CELT/Opus
  • MP3
  • Vorbis
So, it won't support Real Audio or WMA (or FLAC strangely enough)

Though I've yet to find a station that doesn't use at least one of the supported formats.
I just laid down $10 for the tunein app with chromecast support. It's not as good but it fits into my lifestyle. If there is any reason to consider ramping up dev you should.  We will PAY you for this.  In the meantime I am jumping ship.  Sorry! Let me know when you get caught up!
Awesome news!  Looking forward to testing it out and seeing the functionality grow over time.
-Brian, a very satisfied Pro user
Excellent! Would be my #1 audio for Chromecast. Thanks for working on this.
I'd love to have Chromecast support.
I'll use it the day it becomes available!
4 months since planned status any updates? How is it going? Need testers?
No updates yet... I haven't had a chance to work on it too much. Stinks cause I want to get this feature done but there aren't enough hours in the day. :(

I've waited three years. I'm done waiting. You are fired.

@jona would be great to test this for yo.  Are invites to the beta group available? 
I know you are busy but getting left behind...look at the latest crop of music apps for chromecast
Music Apps on Chromecast

Love the product and know many others that would too...lots of visibility right now 
Thanks for the link :) I think the next update we are doing will open the door to adding Chromecast support. Album art is being added :)
AWESOME! More than happy to help with any Betas...I use Chromecast constantly in my home office and know a good app when I see one. (Please do not base anything off Pandora, terrible!) Google Music Obviously does a nice job but also check out Avia, BeyondPod and Comedy Central for good UX.
Last update was in April and we got no Chromecast support.
C'mon, it has taken you over a year already and you got nothing to show for. It has been a big disappointment.

I am guessing if you ever decide to add Material design elements to the app it probably will be implemented by the time Google has a new design language.
Guys, doesn't look like its going to happen. Fortunately there are a LOT of options and growing everyday by developers that understand what it means to bake in this functionality. What I hate is that I would willingly pay a premium to have Xiia with chromecast support. Lost opportunity i guess.


Now that Chromecast Audio has been announced, this is just the right to time to make XiiaLive compatible. This app is my favourite radio app. Surely Chromecast audio can handle any audio format that XiiaLive can also handle....

Really loving Chromecast Audio...only thing missing is my #1, go to music app...Xiialive. Nothing compares to Xiialive in my humble opinion. Chromecast and Xiialive would probably be too good to be true though.

With chromecast support this app would be perfect

I got this App because Chromecast said it was compatible! I don't find any menu selection or simple push button to start streaming at all. I give this app little time left on my phone if I can't use it that way. I'm going to go find another usable app now and we'll see if I choose to come back to this one. Best of wishes.


Love Xiia Pro, but find I'm using Simple Radio more because of its Chromecast interface. Xiia WILL be left behind in the near future of cc support is. Not prioritized. Period.


Hello there everyone, I think I've found a solution to this problem. Xiia Live is supported by Bubble UPnP media player In the settings for Bubble UPnP there is a section for Shoutcast Radio. Bubble UPnP can handle the audio stream from XiiaLive so that when you choose a station it will be handed to Bubble UPnP to play.

Bubble UPnP can send audio to any renderer on your wifi network and that includes Chromecast devices. So, all you have to do is select the Chromecast device you want to output to in Bubble UPnP and tell Bubble UPnP to handle streams from XiiaLive. Then when you start up XiiaLive and choose a station, the stream is sent to the Cromecast device via Bubble UPnP.

This is a bit messy but it should give XiiaLive Chromecast support by using Bubble UPnP as the handover.

When Playing with BubbleUPnP there is no song/artist info, so I prefer native support from Xiialive.

Hello there Frank, I agree with you. It's not a good solution. I cannot get Bubble UPnP to stream high quality HLS radio station streams - only the lower quality .mp3 streams. It's a messy solution and I hope the people behind Xiia Live sort out an update. It's almost as if this app has been abandoned......


This feature was been requested 2 years ago but they have not added it yet

The use of BubbleUpnP is not enough, it uses a lot of battery when casting to chromecast, unless you're casting to a DLNA device like Kodi or WMP. I second this request.

Native DLNA support would be great too, like in Neatease music app.


Hey Guys, I thought I better post something here since I realize my last post was... 2 years ago! :(

So I did look into it back then but got completely off tracked with other work. I apologize for not being able to deliver this feature up to this date. I really want to add it but time is not on my side. I will continue to set this as planned since I do want to get to it soon or later.


Works just fine as is with chromecast audio. Use daily here both to home stereo and in car thru aux in

Hey. Just a bump over here!

I'm using the app since ages and I really love it! However I also got a Chromecast and love it!

Unfortunately my favorite radio app doesn't support it. I discovered that DI's does the job but their channels are limited. Would be great if we could get something in the XiiaLive to make Chromecast a show!


You can always use bubbleupnp and stream to chromecast your favourite shoutcast stations, but...that demands a lot of battery juice.



It's two years now since Chromecast support was requested. Since then the listening landscape has changed hugely. Will support be arriving some time soon, please. I need to know if I have to invest in a different ad-free provider.

The lack of Chromecast support is literally the only thing I don't like about your app.

Yes, XiiaLive is really getting left behind without chromecast support. I've got 4 chromecasts (2 TV/2 auduo) and would love to be able to use XiiaLive. I'm stuck using Tunein for radio at the moment.

You could also try using bubbleupnp if you dislike tunein.

Thanks, but the best thing about Chromecast is that it takes over the streaming. Streaming to my phone and then sending it across to my chromecast is rather a clunky way of doing it and as you pointed out eats battery.

I thought adding Chromecast support to an app was basically a couple of lines of code provided by Google? I guess it can't be otherwise XiiaLive would have added it.


Not all stations are compatible with chromecast I think, so in those cases you would be streaming from the phone too, I think.

You could also try podcast addict

Hey, just found a way of sending an audio stream URL to chromecast. Thought you'd want to know. Have a look at my comment below.


Please, please, please... Chromecast support.

Just basic support (passing the URL off to the device and a "stop" button) would be enough.

I'm with you on this. Don't know any app that is able to do this simple task. Only thing I can think of is that it's not as simple to implement as we think. Again, would be useful if the developer replied to comments :)

Hey, just found a way of sending an audio stream URL to chromecast. Thought you'd want to know. Have a look at my comment below.

Wow, is this still not implemented? Is it that tricky to do? Please, give us some insight. Thanks!


I got some friends looking into it. Thing is live radio streaming not really supported out of the box. We have to implement our own mini stream engine on the chromecast side of things. However, after a little research seems like we might be able to pull something in super beta state... still exploring to see if it works. Will keep you guys updated.

Thanks for the update. Always feels refreshing when the developer responds to users' comments and questions. I believe what happens with other streaming radio apps, such as TuneIn, is that the Chromecast downloads a small binary (not sure) before playing back from any streaming source. I think this is what you must refer to as "own mini stream engine". Good luck!

Thanks for the update. Would be great if you could get it working with Chromecast, given how popular it is.


I can't believe this has been requested like three years ago and nobody cares to implement it. Is it that hard? Most media streaming apps now have this as a basic feature.

Can you please point us to an app that supports direct chromecast streaming (not via phone) from custom URLs?

Tunein Radio has had this capability for years now.

Good news. I prefer Xiia to Tunein, but lack of Chromecast support has meant I've pretty much stopped using it.


xiiia casts just fine here. If they get to adding built-in support great, otherwise no big deal. Screw Tunein...


@DougMcMahon stop taking nonsense. Xiia doesn't "cast"at all. It's pretty much the only major player that doesn't. I have no idea what the devs are doing but the failure to provide such a widely requested feature FOR YEARS now is inexcusable.


Casts perfectl! Open Google Home and choose Cast Screen or Cast Audio. Works like a champ!


Really?, I cast it all the time. You may have a big mouth but little know how...

Then please enlighten us professor. But please don't waste our time with info about how to mirror our screens because that's not what anyone wants or cares about.

You don't really need to cast the whole screen. But you do need to install another app called bubbleupnp and tick "enable xiialive control". Not only this allows to cast to chromecast but to any dlna device. I hope the xiialive devs implement it this way...because I dont really cast music to my chromecast.

Thanks for the info @ale aa. But it's $5 and some commenters say it doesn't even work with Chromecast anymore. Not an acceptable solution imo. Regardless, I appreciate the info.

How about trying the free version? It gives you 30 minutes of casting to CC per app session.


Hey, just found a way of sending an audio stream URL to chromecast. Have a look at my comment below.


Hey everyone. I just managed to do exactly what we all want from XiiaLive, but with a different app (called "LocalCast for Chromecast/DLNA"). It's not very user friendly, but it works. I just sent the URL of a radio station to my Chromecast audio, then switched off my phone (it's still off as I type this and listen to music from my chromecast audio) and the stream kept playing! Will try to find a better way of loading the URLs and post here if I find something.


Just tested the following (try copy/pasting into LocalCast):

All play fine! For now, I have exported my online radio stations playlist from VLC to an HTML file and keep it in my phone. I open it with Android's HTML viewer and copy/paste link to LocalCast as desired, and then control playback through LocalCast app.

Edit: Option in LocalCast is in the left hand side pane/menu under NAS / LINKS -> Paste Link

Edit 2: Just found a faster method: Highlight the URL in the HTML viewer, click the share button and select LocalCast app.

Edit 3: Sharing the highlighted URL works through Chrome as well, so you can keep your URLs in the file format of your choice.


Why don't you just Cast Screen or Cast Audio from Google Home? Wouldn't that be a lot less complicated?


Chromecast support is a must have! Come on Jona, you may even attract new customers to the Pro version. Don't waste your time on the design, it's an eyecandy now and the app is working mostly in backgroud so I personally don't see it that often. Add chromecast support as you are pushing people that paid for Xiia to look for alternatives.

Thanks in advance for your time and devotion to the customer.


Happy 2017! Let's hope the new year brings us chromecast support :)

Just tried to get this working with BubblePnP. It has a xiialive option to stream to Chromecast, and it seems to pick it up when I play something but then it dies saying enable force Shoutcast proxy in settings, which I've done, but still not working. Perhaps more of a question for BubblePnP that this, but thought I'd ask here as BubblePnP explicitly lists xiialive support, and I can stream other stuff to Chromecast with BubblePnP.


I purchased the pro version and used it all the time, loved it. Some years ago I moved on to using Audials with its Chromecast functionality. Thought I might as well add my name to the list of "dreamers" doubt it will do much good. Sure hope I'm proved wrong someday!


Chromecast supports to stream a lot of movies and TV shows directly. For example, YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Instant video, on demand and  a lot of more, just turn on the channel from the Chromecast. But the only movie you can't stream directly is iTunes movies and TV shows because they are combined with the FairPlay DRM protection. No worries too, you can get an iTunes video converter or iTunes converter for Mac to help you remove DRM. Hope this tip is helpful to all your guys. Cheers. 


Ok! All together now! Smack yourselves in the forehead! Chromecast works great. Just open Google Home and Cast Screen or Cast Audio. Works for Chromecast Video and/or Chromecast Audio. I have both. Try it! It'll make you smile!

Yes indeed this solution works! I have been user of Xiia Live Pro since early days and have been missing this possibility for a long time. As Mark advised - Google Home app. finally let us stream to Chromecast->Home audio system. Thanks!


Actually folks, this likely isn't a proper solution.  The audio is streamed from the internet to your phone, and from there to the Chromecast device.  For a proper Chromecast solution, the audio should stream directly from the internet to the Chromecast device.

Well... I don't know if it's "proper". But I know it works great!


Hi, I would love to see this come through...

Any chance this will be in the next release?



Just the right information I need. Thank you for this thread.


Its been some time since my last comment to this thread but Ive5now found a perfect solution to sending radio stations to Chromecast. I discovered the VRadio app that even allows for recording of radio stations plus sending to Chromecast. I've added user stations with image logos and it can backuo everything to a .json file. VRadio is still being updated so isn't a Zombie app. 😏


Thank you for this, VRadio is fantastic and has Chromecast support. Custom stations, sleep timer, alarms, a well thought out interface design and playback is very stable.  Xiia live has done me well for over a decade. Sad to see it seems abandoned. I hope Jona is doing well.

 Excllent. 😊 I have a new car and have found that VRadio even works with Android Auto. They also have a version for Chromecast with Google TV and I was able to import my custom stations using Google Drive. All my custom stations have the correct station logos and website addresses. There's also an iOS version of VRadio but with fewer options in Settings.