Unable to store favorite stations on iPhone

Kees Couprie 9 years ago in iOS updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago 7
Until recently I used XiiaLive on an android phone. At the time I could easily add radiostations to my favorites.
Recently I switched to an iPhone 6 (not entirely volutarily) and one of the first apps I installed was XiiaLive 1.1.1. (Apparently the version number for the IOS app are very different.) For some reason I cannot store any favorites. Clicking the favorite icon when I'm listening to a station doesnt do anything, and when I add a favorite using the url, it somehow magically disappears.

Its an iPhone 6 with íOS 8.2
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Under review
Thanks for the feedback and downloading Xiia again! :)

So we are getting ready to do a new release in the next 2 weeks. I will be looking into this issue to try to figure out what could be going on.

Is this issue happening with every station you try?
It happens with every station. It appears that the favorites I create end up as being stored as (disfunctional) favorite tracks instead of favourite stations.
Sorry for the inconvenience. :/ I'll be looking into it. Thanks!
We have submitted the app to Apple a few days back. We are now waiting for their approval. This update will fix this issue.
It is working with recent update. Thank you! But I am unable to change favorites using bluetooth in my car as I did with my android phone.