how to read out the url of a current station

sec 8 years ago updated by Nanren 8 years ago 3

I tried to find out the url of Latin Jazz @ batanga.com. Is there any possibility in Xiialive to display the full url?



You can backup your favorites and open the .xl or .xiia to see the URL. Make sure you have file explorer app to save the file and not using Gmail or something that will place the file in wrong section, since the developer ruined the backup functions.

Input the URL in VLC media player or other media player to stream the station.

Hi Evildog,

thanks for your help. It works, a bit incovenient, bur it works. It would be better, if xiialive would show the URL´s directly.

i don't know if showing URLs is allowed. Some stations want to hide links to prevent abusing or using 3rd party softwares to record stations illegally