How to add my own URL to favorites?

You can easily add your own URLs to favorites in two different ways.  

  1. Using the add URL option under favorites.
  2. Clicking on a URL from an email or browser and picking XiiaLive to open it. Once opened wait until it connects and the add favorite icon is enabled. Press add favorite icon and the station will now be part of your favorite stations.

XiiaLive support various formats and it is recommended to add playlist URLs rather then direct URLs.  The reason is that playlists generally contain various URL links to the same station and in cases where one server is full or down XiiaLive will try playing the next available URL.

Supported formats

PlaylistPLS, M3U and ASX.

AudioMP3, MPEG, AAC, AACP, OGG, ASF, and various others.

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