How to backup and restore your favorites

With XiiaLive Pro you can backup and restore your favorite stations and songs. However, with XiiaLive (FREE) you can only backup your stations and songs.

You can find the Backup & Restore option under the XiiaLive Settings.


The backup will be stored under "sdcard/xiialive/backup". At the same time a share option will be give after the backup is created. You can store it on DropBox, GoogleDrive, Email... to name a few common places.


The restore can be triggered two different ways.
  1. Simply going into XiiaLive Settings and pressing the Restore option. This will find the latest backup stored under "sdcard/xiialive/backup".
  2. Let XiiaLive open the backup file. Simply tap the file to open it. This can happen from email, file manager, or other file manager apps.

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