Bluetooth auto start/stop playback

With XiiaLive you can control playback in various ways. One of the most useful and hands free solutions is the BT auto start/stop playback settings option, only available on XiiaLive Pro. The coolest use for this feature is a car stereo with audio BT feature paired with your device. But, you can use this feature with just about any BT device.

So how does BT auto start/stop playback feature work?

Essentially, it allows XiiaLive to automatically resume last played station upon pairing with a BT device and also stop playback upon disconnecting from the paired BT device. You can pick the BT device to trigger the resume and stop playback events. Besides, you can opt to use only the auto start or auto stop by itself.

How to set it up?

Before you start, make sure you already have a paired BT device on your device and that BT is enabled.

1.  Open XiiaLive and go to Settings->App control.

2.  Scroll down and tap on Bluetooth options. You should see a list of all the BT devices that have been paired with your device.

3.  Switch ON the BT device you would like to trigger an auto start and/or auto stop.

Video overview


To make sure the new setup works, turn on the BT device to allow the phone to automatically pair. Once paired, XiiaLive should trigger and resume playback. Once you confirm that it is working as expected, turn OFF the BT device to see if the auto stop works.

Enjoy hands free streaming!

Pair=A connection between a device and a BT device.

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