How do I add my station to the XiiaLive Radio Directory?

At the moment XiiaLive provides 3 different radio directories for content. UberStations, SHOUTcast and Radio Reference. If you have a radio station and would like to make it available on XiiaLive here is what you need to do to add it to the different radio directories.


Adding a radio station to UberStations directory is the easiest and quickest way to make it available to all XiiaLive users. All you need is a valid URL and some details about the radio station. Please go here for more information.


To get your station set-up and listed in the SHOUTcast Radio directory on, it is necessary to run your station with the SHOUTcast Broadcaster Tools. Based on your level of technical expertise you may wish to either setup your own server, or find a hosting solution from a third party. Please go here for more information.

Radio Reference

The content of this directory is a bit more strict and not your typical radio station. Please go here for more information.

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