Android 16

Version 3.3.3



  • Added arm64 stream engine build for faster and efficient streaming
  • Updated various libraries

Version 3.3.2



  • Fixed issue with self added stations set as shortcut stations
  • Partial fixes to alarm issues seen by some users



  • Added option to change user agent under setting
  • Temp revert to use station title from network
  • Fixed internal mime resolve for new playback requests
  • Fixed stream engine switching not taking effect
  • Fixed active station not updating correctly on stations lists
  • Fixed lock screen and notification player NEXT button to match App control settings
  • Fixed free to paid auto copy over missing some stations
  • Updated internal libraries



  • Improved search UI and behavior
  • Search history items now removable
  • Fixed various internal issues

Version 3.3.1



  • Fixed alarm snooze
  • Fixed favorite prev/next button not working
  • Fixed error reported when no favorite stations available
  • Improved support for RTSP protocol along with metadata handling



  • Fixed app settings getting lost on Android 5 and greater
  • Reorganized app settings



  • Fixed app notification reloading after app was closed
  • Fixed crash caused when surfing MUSIC or TALK stations
  • Top songs under MUSIC page now direct you to a station playing it
  • Smarter PREV/NEXT favorites control now knows what station to play next
  • Fixed location acquiring issues for LOCAL stations
  • Pull to refresh support added for UberStations directory
  • Audio focus now retained a bit longer after media playback ends
  • Increased alarm max timeout to 60 min
  • Added smaller alarm fade length to 15 sec
  • Fixed crash caused by app when trying to take you to BT settings



  • Fixed FFmpeg engine not initializing properly



  • Fixed player artwork image not showing properly
  • Added artwork download disable option
  • Added support for stations sending their song artwork.
  • Removed extra logging from charset detector
  • Updated min alarm volume to 5%
  • Fixed disable lockscreen player for Android 5+
  • Fixed local stations not showing for users outside the US
  • Fixed EQ loosing its enabled state
  • Fixed SHOUTcast description under About page
  • New OpenSSL 1.0.1s library



  • Data guard causes stream to stop playing
  • Fixed issue with all caps HTTP URI scheme
  • Fixed favorites and history list scroll position getting reset
  • Fixed crash caused when share backup encounters no apps to share with
  • Fixed various translation issues
  • Fixed unsupported format E:-12 do to missing https protocol
  • Fixed app startup crash
  • Updated app privacy link



  • Fixed original skin landscape player buttons gone
  • Patched rare bug causing random crash with radio list song updater
  • Fix major bug where the notification was not shown when playback was active
  • Fixed collapsed player showing ghosted buttons
  • Fixed broken min/max bitrate filter option



  • Updated FFmpeg libs to version 2.8.5
  • Fixed error "Unsupported Media: -31" caused by some streams
  • Http 4xx errors are now properly reported instead of "Unsupported format" errors
  • Modified backup/restore behavior. Now restore searches for the latest backup. Also, all backups are stored in one location.
  • Lock screen notifications are now public so you can see what's playing on Android 5+
  • Legacy player design button hotspots are now smaller
  • Next/Prev favorite stations now follow current order by settings.
  • Fixed app notifications becoming unresponsive to taps
  • Now stopping playback from notification widget or lock screen will leave the player visible until swiped away
  • Local radio stations improved to show results outside the US
  • Long press stop button causing player to crash behavior removed
  • Fixed alarms list showing wrong station name
  • New Danish and Slovenian language support



  • Fixed alarm icon stuttering seen on Android 4.4.x.
  • Improved accessibility for the blind.
  • Fixed favorite station playlist URL editing not being saved.
  • Allowed station genre to be empty.
  • Reverted back the genre "All" option for Group by Genre.
  • Fixed various bugs causing the app to crash.



  • Fixed crash caused by search auto complete.
  • Fixed alarm icon not showing on devices running Android 4.x.
  • Fixed crash caused by notifications on some devices running Android 4.x.



  • Fixed player in landscape causing crash.



  • Fixed player collapsed state lost.
  • New favorite stations Group by option.
  • Fixed scan feature.
  • Fixed crash caused by high number of cue points.
  • Various internal changes to improve app performance and quality.
  • New and improved backup and restore favorites option.
  • Updated alarms feature to better support Android 5.x and newer.

Version 3.3.0

v3.3.0.4 - [04/04/15]

  • Removed player ad space
  • Fixed SHOUTcast excluding station bug
  • Fixed share option not enabled properly
  • Fixed recommended results incorrect station played


  • Fixed licensing failures seen on Android 5.x (Lollipop)
  • Fixed BT connection causing app to crash
  • Fixed media service crash when exiting the app
  • Updated stream engine settings help text
  • Updated missing fonts for XiiaLive Pro
  • Fixed classic skin player crash seen on Android 3.x
  • Fixed RadioReference directory crash seen on Android 5.x
  • Improved album artwork search
  • Improved search recommended results

Version 3.3.0 -


  • New player design with album art support!
  • Improved UberStations search feature
  • Added Top Songs option under genre which shows what top songs are currently playing
  • Upgraded app to provide improved support for Android 5.x
  • Upgraded app notifications
  • Stations now display their logo artwork when available
  • Updated OpenSSL library
  • Various UI touches and fixes
  • Fixed major bug with FFmpeg stream engine
  • Fixed favorites showing incorrect stations for the selected genre
  • Updated UberStations APIs

iOS 1

Version 1.2.0


  • Added SHOUTcast directory support
  • Added quick play settings option "Play a station without leaving the current page"
  • Improved UberStations search results
  • Added station and song share options
  • Added arm64 support
  • Updated FFmpeg to version 2.5
  • Fixed crash caused by invalid station metadata
  • Fixed favorites not displaying properly on iOS 8.2
  • Fixed crash caused by opening links from external sources
  • Fixed various small bugs causing the app to crash
  • Improved various UI details