XiiaLive v3.0.0.02 - release notes


New and fresh! This update takes care of multiple reported bugs and two key fixes.

1. Audio repeated/garbled/distorted. This was heard mostly when switching between stations. In some cases this issue happened every time a station was started... :( Well, this issue has been resolved! This fix also improved station loading time.

2. Crash when app was resumed. Essentially, this issue occurred most of the time when the app was brought back from background or when trying to go to the player from other screens.

Release date




  • Translation updates for (FI, FR, PL, RU, SK, KO)


  • ANR caused by changing volume fixed.
  • Crash caused by date formatting bug seen on few devices.
  • Crash caused by popup trying to be displayed while activity on stop state.
  • Crash caused by database upgrade check.
  • Audio repeated/garbled/distorted.
  • App crashed/frozed when resumed.

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