XiiaLive Beta v3.0.0.03

Finally, a new Beta update! Been working on this update day and night and finally things seem to be coming to a close...  The following changes and fixes are just a few of the huge amount of changes that have gone into the app since last beta update.

Not ready/work in progress:

  • Equalizer design and layout (Working on devices that support it)
  • Sleep timer design and layout (Feature not available)
  • Add URL wizard (Feature not available)
  • Player design and layout
  • Song updates feature (Not functional, please leave it as off)


  • WiFi sleep issues with Android 3.1 and greater .
  • Added last played url information to history
  • Added hardware acceleration support added
  • HTTP Auth login now supported
  • Older versions of Android now supported (1.6  and greater)
  • Better support for EQ. (Graphics still under dev)
  • Improved repeated notifications. (such as buffering percent)
  • Improved menu bar scrolling
  • Fixed home screen buttons not allowing swiping on ICS
  • Better network state handling
  • Improved download handler
  • Improved last played information now more accurate when error occurred
  • Added toasts for events such as adding tags or stations to favorites
  • Improved sql queries to be lighter and faster
  • Improved active song and station state for lists
  • Improved backup and restore methods
  • Added lib for ARMv7 (increased apk size a bit)
  • HLS, a.k.a apple http, protocol now supported
  • New ads handler
Get the update here.

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