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I also have 2 suggestions regarding "Player next/prev",

a) that Player next/prev go to the next or previous station of the currently playing station. Right now Player next/prev navigate instead from the previous next/prev station, but not from a station that I tapped in between in the Favorites. Tapping a station in Favorites is ignored by Player next/prev.

(i.e. stations A B C D E, currently playing A, I tap D, and Player next plays B but should E).

b) that Player next/prev navigate within the current favorites by selected genre, when a genre is selected. Right now Player next/prev navigate within the "All" favorites by alphabet, irrespective of what genre is selected in the favorites list.

(i.e. all stations are A B C D E F G, genre x selected is A C E G, currently playing A, Player next plays B but should C).

Thank you!


I justed installed XiiaLive Pro version and comment as follows:

re 2) in Landscape mode, Favorites should just have the "Group by Genre" view pinned and everyone will be happy. Now Favorites in Landscape happen to be "Group by none" and it is not selectable, because of missing drawer. That is: the missing drawer is fine, and the behaviour of Landscape favorites should be "Group by Genre". (Easy to program, and see below). The Landscape Group by Genre code was not lost and is obviously still present:

Easy Plus, that's easy for me to do: I go to Portrait mode, do the Group by.. Genre and the Sort by... selections and go back to Landscape mode, and have the desired behaviour .

re 2) there is more. In Favorites tab, the "Group by None" does the same as "Group by Genre ... All". The whole "Group by... " option is therefore unnecessary and can go away, pinned to "Group by... Genre". Remains the "Sort by...". Even easier, as it is just removing code about "Group by...." in the drawer, and having it pinned to "Group by Genre" for both Landscape and Portrait mode.

re 2) In "Group by...Genre" The "All" genre count is wrong. It now counts the number of genres, instead of the number of stations! Easy three..

re ) import of backup works. Thanks for repairing it.

new subpoint 4) When I rotate the device, the "All" genre gets lost, but it is recoverable.

That is

1: I see my genres, including "All",

2: I rotate the device and see my genres excluding "All",

3: I go into first genre and go back, and see my genres including "All".

subpoint 5) I wish "Settings"->"About" would tell the version of XiiaLive.



Glad that you have seen it.

re 2 it needs not to be optimized, I would be happy when it continues to work landscape-wise, maybe just in Classic dark if it matters. XiiaLive Pro worked perfectly landscape. Tablets need radio (perhaps as a reward for pointing out 3:-) .

I can't imagine it is too heavy to adapt to the new drawers, or revert.

(I am a programmer too, but Android-wise pre-school

1 now I have found the Group By option to the Favorite tab, but it was not on the image 1066030 (which applies to Shoutcast Top Hits). The hint to drawer is visible when the Favorite tab is orange. In addition, there is now group "ALL" missing as was present in version, and the substitute is a bit more complicate.

2. the menu bar drawers are only available in portrait mode, but not in tablet mode.

3. I did a backup as follows: I used Es File Manager to indicate the folder. It resulted an .xl file in that folder. Then I deleted two stations from the favorites. Then I opened file with extension .xl, from ES File Manager, choose "other" (i.e. not text, not audio, not video...), then I selected XiiaLive Pro to open. Then I heared the connect-failed-clicks, could read UNSUPPORTED MEDIA E-31, then could read "Max retries reached" (MAX. WIEDERHOLUNGEN ERREICHT, in german). The favorite stations were the same as before, with the two deleted stations still deleted and the others there.

3a) After that, just to try, I changed the extension from .xl to .xml, with the same result as in 3.

Android is Lenovo Lifetab E-7312, version 4.2.2 it reads.

PS in the german translation, SCAN is "Suchen", but should be "Suchlauf" (and it was not easy to find the word, as we just say "scan" usually).

1) similar problem here in version In the previous version (probably) I could get my custom genres in the Favorites pane, because the current Genre was listed at the top, and tapping led up to the genre list, I obtained a list with (All, genre1, genre2, genre3).

2) I do not find the Group by option that is mentioned as New feature.

3) the new backup and restore does not work for me. However the old-style restore worked after that. Android 4.2.2.

At this state I cannot be happy with XiiaLive Pro, and can't go back to XiiaLive Pro because it was protected from backup.( Actually I was able to get the XiiaLive Pro apk and it installed and activated, and I would not prefer to do that)

And I suggested a long while ago that the buttons in the player do sound "click". But they are silent.

And today I suggest that the play and stop buttons visible in any pane, specially in the favorites pane.

Thanks you for considering.
It is as I wrote, and other old bugs (under my name) appeared again. To reproduce set the equalizer, leave app, and later on use app again. No other steps required. . I'm a programmer, too, but not yet android. Saving settings at proper time, whenever changed, in the thread where it happens, (instead of deferring), and reading from the same place data base whenever needed instead of getting stale values from other place, including proper synchronizing or locking when needed (I'm not yet android), cannot cause such effects as depicted: naming NORMAL, containing CUSTOM.
.. and other old bugs show up again. Above screen dump was from version Other old bugs showing up again in version -- And it is even impossible to  go back to a previous, working version, as XiiaLive Pro cannot be saved to backup. (and impossible to switch to another radio program, due to feature advantage of Xiia.). Since it is about old bugs, please consider previous bug reports from this person. Thanks in advance. Using Xiia light is an option, but not a best one.
When I turn off the equalizer on page custom, volume becomes very low (How can this even happen?) VLC has much higher sound level. Also some radio streams have low volume which would be good to increase in XiiaLive, whilst other radio streams are adequate.
The Equalizer button is not always green, when the equalizer is turned On: That is when I set the equalizer, it becomes green. When I start Xiialive, it is green. When I press home, and then click Xiialive from the history button (right from Androids home), the equalizer symbol is white, although the equalizer is on and working. This is with Classic dark and Classic light designs.

In XiiaLive BETA, behaviour is the same, in Classic dark design. With the Classic Light Design in BETA, the equalizer button remains completely White, although the equalizer works and remains turned On.

These seem strange UI facts. There are cases where the Whitening of equalizer button cannot be described logically, although Equalizer is turned on, sticky and working.

As I wrote separately, Equalizer is a necessity to obtain full volume, compared to other audio, and it is advantageous that it exists. Thanks.