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I don't quite understand what you're saying. If you look at the screenshot, when I click on the "X" to close the app, the streaming music keeps playing. The only way I can stop the music is by going into the App Manager and doing a Forced Stop

Screenshot of Xiialive app

Thanks for the answer. The App control settings change does do what I was asking for.

The only additional advantage of a favorites page with "push buttons" would be the fact that several times as many stations could be displayed on a single screen without scrolling. Still, this might not be worth the effort of developing a new push button screen, since the users would also need the ability to add their own labels to the buttons.


After spending more time than I want to admit trying to change the Favorites list by editing and copying the XML file from my PC to my Android phone, I discovered that big "+" right on the Favorites screen! That certainly makes life easier.

I used a free app from Samsung called SideSync which allows wireless connection between a PC and their Android phone. Among other features like the use of the PC keyboard and mouse on the Android phone, I was able to copy and paste URLs from my PC directly into the new XiilLive Add Favorites feature.



Thanks, Jona,

It sounds like what you're working on will be a good solution. I look forward to trying it out.

In the meantime, Evildog's tip for copying and pasting will be okay.

Thanks for the tip. That did it. I was able to transfer a couple of URLs.

"time to learn how to use an Android phone including tips and tricks.." Well, it's not as if there's consistency between apps. Some have menus with "Paste" options, some don't.

I'm using a different text program. I can copy the link with it, but when I open the "Add URL" window in Xiialive, I don't see a way to paste it. It just says "Type your URL here" .

"why can't you simply add custom links in the Xiialive app?"

If I understand you correctly, the url addresses of some links can be dozens of characters long. Trying to enter a long link like this on a small phone can be very frustrated.

It is possible to edit the xml link file, backup.xxiia, on a desktop computer then copy it to the Android device as Favorites. xxiialive support has been working on a simpler way to add new stations for years now. See this discussion.

Can xiialive support help with this question?

Thanks, Jona.

Perhaps when you do post that information you can mention it in this thread. That way those of us following this thread will be notified by email and we can take a look at the Wiki.
I looked at the backup file and, as I'm sure your know, it basically is an xml text file. Would another option be simply adding additional URL's into the backup file then importing it? Each <station> tag has a lot of attributes, but how many of them are actually necessary to get a useable Favorite?

Not as easy as copying and pasting, but easier than hand entering a 50 character URL.!