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I have emailed the file to the support address.

Forgot to add this is using the latest version available on the play store. Tested on 3 separate devices.

I don't know enough about themes in Android but as Evildog mentioned they are xml based? Wouldn't it be possible to just watch a folder for .xml files and load from there?

Currently the Next/Prev will only ever go 1 station in either direction no matter how many times you tap the button. It used to go endlessly through the list no matter how many times you tapped the buttons.

I have 9 favorite stations. I've tried bluetooth, player page, and home widget. Bluetooth was a Kenwood stereo system for my car, but I've since changed to mainly using the app's player page itself for everything.

This is just a quick mockup of what I had in mind. Easy access to most commonly used items. The title/artist/radio station information is not as big as I would make it, I just forgot to expand it when doing up the image.

Hi Ralph, I to am having issues with Next and Previous buttons, they only go one station in either direction no matter how many times you click either button.

I have a OnePlus 3 running 6.0.1, Nexus 7 running 6.0.1, and another custom device running 5.1.1 all with the same issue.

XiiaLive Pro v3.3.1.10-30054, my Player next/prev is set to Favorites.

I have tried clearing cache, data, and completely reinstalling without success.

Thank-you. I noticed that when I compare my backup.xiia files the backup file created in this latest version all contains su="" and sm="" values whereas the older backup.xiia they are all blank. What do su and sm contain?
Same problem here happens on both 5.0 and 5.0.1. All favorited stations are listed in All only despite Genre.

I have tried removing the Genre from all stations and then readding them back and they are always stuck in the All section.