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time to go with another option I think man, old version of vlc only have Android auto for now Google made them remove it due to an exploit or somthing, open radio (Chernyshov Yurii)works good.

At this point I wouldn't expect Android Auto in this app, read my previous post for alternatives, know though for VLC you would have to find one of the older versions that support it, they have not added Android Auto back to their newer versions.Open Radio is great for internet radio streams though.

Yep still waiting here too, in the meantime, use VLC(current version does not support Android Auto, previous and future versions do), or Open Radio(current best choice I'd say, tho not the prettiest app), I really love Xiialive too, and I am a pro user, but I am also a software engineer, I'd guess that either they just won't add Android auto support due to restrictions of the Android auto platform(it would not look as nice due to click restrictions), or that the engine they used or created would need major updates, or the app would need to be completely remade. Of course if the developer would like to respond, that's cool, otherwise I would not expect Android Auto, or Carplay support.

So it's been a while, and android auto/carplay are supported by a lot more vehicles, any progress being made to add support?

Thank you very much :)

Now we could use android auto support, did you know ford is adding it to every 2017 model, as well as updates for 2016 models with sync 3 ;)

I have this sane issue, only happens since this update, normally you could keep pressing next to go to your station, now you have to wait for it to connect to each station.