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His last activity :-)

I'm also waiting for an answer for a very loooong time :-)

let us hope soon but I don't really see much support here :-)

I see my posts are already 3 months now.

The links (streams) on this page (browser) do open the xiialive app and plays the stream.

The problem is to load the playlist1.m3u

Is this support (forum) still alive to solve my problem?

Having a problem with playlist in Xiialive pro 

Content of my ... playlist1.m3u ...file 

#EXTINF:1,VRT Radio 2 Antwerpen
#EXTINF:2,VRT Radio 2 Limburg
#EXTINF:3,VRT Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen

The file is stored in Dropbox 
If I click the file, Dropbox asks me to open the file with ...  Xiialive pro
Xiialive pro opens and I'm getting the following messages depending on the settings:

Stream engine : FFmpeg 
User agent : FFmpeg
Message : unsupported media E:-12

Stream engine : Android 
User agent : FFmpeg
Message : invalid URL


Stream engine : Android 
User agent : Android 
Message : invalid URL

How do I get this working?

Android 7.0 tablet ASUS ZenPad