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I tried 2100 and 4096 (restarted the icecast server after each icecast.xml change) and it still gives the unexpected error message instantly.

Edit: I also wanted to ask (verify, I guess) that if you use the ffmpeg engine, does it still take the buffer level you set into account?
I just emailed the current ip to support.
Please feel free to email me at that address if you need additional help or input or what not.  I appreciate you taking the time to look at it.
I sent an email to support with the link
Are you planning to fix that icy-metadata crash when using the ffmpeg engine (as discussed from the last release)?  I tried it again on this version and it still occurs.
Correct. If metadata could be fixed this would work fantastically.
I turned off metadata and it works without buffering like nuts. Unfortunately I really need metadata. Does ffmpeg support that?
I emailed a copy of my log to support with the title 103038-xiialive-beta-v30000 (an extra 0, sorry).  I did it with ffmpeg which failed, then android stable, which worked, on the same url.
I tried that but I get unexpected stop on both ice cast and progressive http mp3 streams.
I'm having the same problem as described in  the identical problem where it takes 15 seconds to buffer no matter what.