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Hi Jona, it's MPEG Layer3 with 96kbit/s.

Yes, this is only in that station with Version 3.0. I have tested 10 other 

stations without an error. Then I have downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.4 for

testing again the sams station and it works fine with 2.2.4.

Since update to XiiaLivePro I get this error after prebuffering:


In the meantime, I've updated Firmware from P6810XXLPK (2. Jul 2012)

to P6810XXLPL (17. Jul 2012). The problem remains the same.

After reboot the device, I have the same problem.

I only have the problem with the above stream URL

since Version 3.0. Other streams works fine.

@saab master: Makes it fun to copy other people their posts?

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