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Thanks, I followed your instructions and it seems to be exactly like you said there. 

And after first playing the favorite stations "inside" the app, before adding it as a shortcut seems to work, and now all my shortcuts seems to work fine again. 

Do you still want me to send the backup of favorites to your email? Or is it not necessary now when I confirmed it works? 

Nice to hear how the problem occurred also, makes it easier to understand the app thanks. 

Thanks. As this problem came back time after time the last week in version 2.4 I decided to update to v.3 and have not seen any verification problem with the new version so far.

By the way my phone is Samsung S2 with android 4.0.4. And this happened both on WIFI and 3G/HSPA+.

I also found this annoying as soon as I updated to the new version. 

It feels like it would be much more handy if the "tab bar" on the top had it's original position all the way to the left, and started with Player, then Favorites, Genre, Search, History, and last Settings. 

Maybe change the size of the buttons a bit so it's always possible to see three at a time. 

And skip Top Hits in the top bar, and maybe make it as some kind of sub-menu in the Genre or Search section. 

Also the Home button feels like it takes too much space without any real functionality? Maybe it could be a fixed slim/small button in the edge somewhere with Home. 

Or even better; make it possible to choose what buttons should be visible in the top "tab bar", and what order they should be in :) 

I got the exact same problem when updating to the latest version from v.2. 

After installing version 3 I made fresh shortcuts to my old favorite stations, since trying to use the old ones gives the message "Application is not installed on your phone". 

But the fresh shortcuts doesn't start the stream... I click the shortcut, the app opens in the Player window, it very fast says Connecting, then Fail to connect, then Unexpected stop... it all happens in just one second a few times... then it says "Max retries reached" and nothing more. 

But still it works perfectly to start the same favorite station from the Favorite tab inside the app. 

...Hm I've been fighting this problem about 3 days now and tried it maybe 50 times, without writing a post here since I didn't get any response on my last question... the funny thing is when trying it while writing this post Xiia got totally stuck, it didn't matter if I pressed a shortcut or a favorite station / one of the Top Channels inside the app, it got stuck on Unexpeced Stop (when this happens the Player window says "Unknow" "Unknown song". And when sliding the station info in Player window to open the playlist or what it's called, it says "1. audio/mpeg) even though I clicked the shortcut. 

I then cleared the data in the android settings, and added a fresh favorite... but no luck, it now again is impossible to start playing from the home screen shortcut but works perfectly when started from Favorites inside the app. 

PLEASE give this problem some attention, I've bought and used Xiia for a very long time without any problems, and in the last weeks it's become unusable over night, and I use this app many hours every day :(

The problem seems to come back time after time after a while clearing/restoring. So I decided to download the latest version instead, sadly I got problems with that one too.

Thanks very much for the fast reply. It seemed to fix my problem, and the app works normal again so far. I didn't have any cache to clear, but I cleared the data after the back up, and restoring worked perfect. 

Can I also ask; Is there any way to get version 3 of the app with the old layout and skin/theme from version 2.2.4? 

The look of version 2.2.4 with the layout, and the dark themed skin with the "glowing" text colors, is the best looking app I've used, and I love to use it because of this. 

But from the pictures it looks like version 3 doesn't have this personal look, and look much more minimalistic and pale compared to 2.2.4. 

Thanks for a great app, it's one of the best!