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Choose application's language

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 0
Please give us possibility to choose application's language.

I.e. italian version is translated at only 50% (by some software and not human it seems) and translation's quality is very crappy.

It would be really nice to be able to choose english language in application settings.

Thank You
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago
This is a great idea we did have in our plans but haven't provided that option yet. If you like to contribute with translation please let us know! :)
Will be answered

Add share all option for tags and favorites

gmd 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 7
It's tiresome to send such information one at a time when you have an extensive list. Users will appreciate this as an alternative means to backup their lists, if sd cards somehow fail. It's not easy to restore such data once lost.
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! This is an area we really like to expand very soon! We have some great ideas and hope we can have them implemented very soon.

Update 05/09/11:

- Update v2.1.8 will have option to share the entire tag list.

Update 05/18/11:

- v2.1.8 no supports sharing all your tags.

Update 05/20/11:

- v2.1.9 is out and adds share all option for tags.

Under review

Swap station and artist/title screen locations.

newman 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 0
The station changes infrequently. The song title and artist change more frequently. You devote much more screen real-estate to the former when devoting it to the latter would be much more useful, especially in a mobile environment.
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion! It definitely makes sense! I'll discuss with graphics designer see what we can come up with...

can you use this on the pc?

shadow angel 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 2
Can i  use xiiaLive online on my PC?
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago
Unfortunately we don't have it available on PC YET. :)  We do have plans to provide a PC version that works in sync with your phone.
Under review

Info about Artist (lyrics, album maybe some photo)

Krzysztof Byszewski 5 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2


I am big fan of internet radios. I already have 5 apps and constantly looking into perfect one and you almost there :)

I use android 4.1.2 tablet at home to manage them and my prefer display is landscape mode.

My suggestions:

- Obligatory put a poster of the current artist when it's playing (just like Tunein radio app) if poster is not available then poster of radio station. 

- fetch lyrics - TuneWiki app is doing this very good and the way they display it in landscape mode is perfect!

- fetch other artist info like albums etc, maybe some small wiki addon on separate screen

- this is crazy but... have a look in youtube for video clip if it exist for what is played right now in case I want to see it (you might have it in more info section that initially is not displayed)

- ability to record station (or is it already there?) and scheduled recording would be veeery cool!

- cool & not necessary: visualization like winamp PC version has so either small one as part of info or full screen one (phones and tablets getting more and more powerful) and you can make it as addon on market so not need to buff the standard version.

- quick access to favorite stations (I usually switch between 4) If you concern about lack of display space then have them available like menu in the landscape mode but from left side (keep menu on right)

- skins as addons - make it easy to create your own skin. You will be blown away by what users can do for you for free ;)

- cool & not necessary: remember streams of last 3 stations. I love the way you visually display what is played and how you can swipe through stream but sometimes I switch to other station to check what they play and when I switch back the stream info is gone. Would be great to keep it specially if I already have like 30 min in a buffer?

- display station schedule  what's coming in 10 min etc if info available from radio station (like on tunein website althou their app don't show it - shame)

Thanks guys and you're my favorite radio app! 

All the best to all your team!

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

Thanks for the extensive set of suggestions!

Here are some of the answers to your suggestions.

- Would love to have album art, it just costs a lot of money but we are already thinking on how to resolve that.

- Lyrics is a nice touch but as of now all our resources are set to improve streaming stability and UI development. However, this feature hopefully can be added in the near future.

- Great idea. Having more details about what is playing would be nice feature to have.

- Great idea. Currently you can click a history song item or a tag item this shows you can option to search. The search allows you to select youtube.

- This is an option we already started thinking about :) specially for tablets.

- Interesting idea. Again this is a great option specially for tablets.

- Skins is something I would like to expand on.  I need someone with that experience to help out! :)  I would love to allow developers to create skins for xiialive!

- This is interesting idea. Since radios are live it would be a bit hard to resume a previously played station without hearing gaps or skips in the audio.  I think having a preview option, to allow previewing a station without stopping what you are playing could possibly be a good option.

- TuneIn has a great directory and set of information. This data we don't have with SHOUTcast directory. Maybe in the near future we will have this info.

Again thanks for all your feedback and ideas!

Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago
Authenticated stream are currently supported by XiiaLive. Links that require login will now prompt the user to login. Also, adding stations that require authentication can be saved securely in your favorites and will not require authenticating again when playing it.

favorites management

Krzysztof Byszewski 5 years ago • updated by paul 3 years ago 4

Juts one more thing from me regarding favorites  It's nice the way it categorizes the stations I picked but would be nice to switch into "folder" mode in a sense that I would like to be able to create a folder like sky.fm and put all sky.fm radios I like in there and for example DI folder for Digital imported.

You might keep the current favorites if it's working for others, just consider adding alternative way that you might switch in settings.

Thanks Guys!

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

Definitively a great idea.  I think having a folders feature that is separate from genre/category would be good to have.

I think adding an option to view by Genre or by folders would be good to have.  

Will be answered

Lock Screen Control?

DaGreek 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 0
Would be Nice to be able to control the program while your screen is locked (See whats playing, change station, pause/play) :)
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago
Great idea we will add this to the planned list.

best shoutcast player ever!

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 0
Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago
Thanks for your feedback! :) It's always nice to get a compliment :)

Please add "Bluetooth stop" in addition to "headset stop"

Anonymous 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 4
Can you add a "Bluetooth stop" option? If enabled music will stop when Bluetooth disconnects. Just like how the built in Music app works.

I always listen to music via Bluetooth(A2DP) in my car. When I turn off my car the radio will carry on playing via the phone's speaker.

Otherwise this app is superb. Keep it up!!!
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago
This feature has been added to update v2.1.6.

How to enable BT disconnect stop music:
1. First pair your BT device with your phone.
2. Go to XiiaLive->Settings->Advanced users->Bluetooth options.
3. You should see your paired device there.  Press on the paired device and select which actions you want to take when BT connects and disconnects.

See video here: