Trying to launch Klubradio

Fatima Illuminaughty Feher 8 років тому оновлено Nanren 8 років тому 1

Dear Developers,

I have purchased the Xiia Live Pro software from Google Play store. My goal was listening to Hungarian online radio stations on my Samsung phone (operation system: Android 4.4.2). Unfortunately I wasnt able any to launch Hungarian stations, is it possible to launch them with your software anyway?

I would like to ask how can I launch Klubradio (its a good Hungarian station) Online with the help of your software. I tried m.popularis.hu/radio/kl, belepes.com /radio/ klubradio and stream.klubradio.hu:8080. I didnt have any success.

Waiting for your kind answer.

Yours sincerely,



The links you mentioned are not audio streaming. To get the correct links to stream, follow this steps. i'm using Firefox browser

On your computer, Open the browser, visit the website and play the radio station. Right click anywhere and select Inspicer element

Select Network

If it ask you to refresh the page, just do it

Look at the link of the radio streaming. the following audio formats can be: mp3, acc, swf, mpeg, etc...

if you found it, right click and select Copy URL

That's it. Save the link as .txt or somewhere and add the link to your Xiialive