Keep Stream Cache Until Station Change

orconomix 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2


I would like to suggest to make the stream cache in such way that if when one presses the stop button or one gets a phone call it does not have any effect on the downloaded cache.

The cache should be only cleaned when one changes the radio station.

Currently if one presses the stop button it erases the downloaded cache , the only way to keep the cache is to press the pause button .

The cache is also automaticaly erased if one gets a phone call and one doesn't pick up the phone but not erased if one gets a phone call and picks up the phone and then hangs up.

It was a great feature making the cache not being erased when XiiaLive goes into data guard mode , it would be pretty nice if the downlaoded cache would be more persistant than it is now.

I would like to listen to some pre-cached radio while i have no access to WIFI , but i am always afraid of losing the cache because of XiiaLive being stopped by any event on the phone and losing the cache.

Thanks in advance

You can enable "ignore audio focus" in settings to prevent it from stopping but you have to manually pause it

and it would be great if the cache is stored in the storage instead in the RAM

I think it is already stored on the phone storage , 60 minutes of audio data may be a little too much much for a lot of phones that dont have much RAM.

Bottom line is that the cache needs to be not as volatile as it is now. The cache needs to survive phone calls , app crashes and pause / stop commands.

Optionally there could be the choice to use one buffer for any radio staion that was played or erase cache on station change and fill it up anew.