stopped working after MIUI update

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The app stopped working after I updated the MIUI version on my Redmi Note 4. Regrettably I cannot undo that update. Also, I am not sure if the update is the cause, but it is the only change that was made. 

Since the update Xiia worked for 30 seconds, then I tried to change stations and it didn’t play anything anymore. It just says ‘preparing’. When I switch stations I do get the names of the stations. On top stays the same name of a song. 

I tried to send a bug report but get the notification ‘Failed to collect logs, unable to access device storage’.

I have a Redmi Note 4 with Snapdragon.

OS is Android 7.0 NRD 90M. The Miui version is Global 10.2/stable

I have the version of Xiia.

Can you please help me?

Solved. I rebooted the phone and the problem is gone. I feel really stupid that I didn't try that first. I guess I was too shocked at the prospect of no longer being able to use it. Please excuse me.