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Updated, but no different. Whaaat?

Thomas Forrester 9 років тому оновлено Jona (Lead Developer) 9 років тому 3
I just updated to the current version of Xiia Live Pro throught the Play Store about an hour ago.  Once the update was installed, along with several others, I re-started the phone.  First stop on the other side of the re-start, Xiia Live Pro!  I was eager to see how the new player looked and worked.  Much to my surprise, nothing's changed at all, and it does not match what I see in the new app preview pictures in the Play Store.  So I Force Closed the app, and dumped it's cache.  Started it up, and nope - looks the same as it always has.

Version at the bottom of initial splash screen says " (GOOGLE)" [why isn't this information in the Settings/About screen so I don't have to FC and restar the app to find it?]  This matches what I see in the Play store.

What's going on?


You have to choose the skin : Classic light