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XiiaLive Beta v3.0.0.01

Jona (Lead Developer) 12 років тому оновлений 11 років тому 41

Finally it's out! We are providing early access via the Android Market to our beta version of XiiaLive.  This will allow us, with your help, improve stable updates going into XiiaLive and XiiaLive Lite. 

So what's new?

Just about everything! This new release has been the one release 

we have worked the hardest! We hope you enjoy it!

Supported devices:

- Android 2.3 and greater. Our goal will be to support down to Android 1.6.

- Small phones currently not supported.


New features:

- Redesigned UI and graphics

- Data guard (WiFi only streaming)

- Smart stream recovery 

- Dark and light skins

- Notification sounds volume control

- Scan radio stations

- Playlist preload

- Advanced streaming tweeks

- Deep social integration (twitter & facebook) (Still work in progress)

- New backup and restore to xml file

- New seek bar (up to 60min of playback history) (beta)

- New sorting and filtering options for Favorite stations and songs.

- Mini player

- Now playing station list highlight

- Song history

- Station loading as you scroll. Avoids unneeded extra data usage.

- Android 4.x unlock screen player support.



Love the new UI.  Is there a way to add custom stream?  I can't seem to figure it out on this new UI.  Is the RealAudio stream now supported as well?
Thanks! There will be a way to add custom streams.  We just didn't get to adding it on this beta.  But don't worry we will!  :)  For now you could trigger the URL via an email or browser and open it with Xiia.
Love the 3.0 beta! The bugs I had with a stream dropping and not reconnecting are gone and the widget doesn't lose Meta tag info anymore, nice. Bug: if I set an alarm it force closes anytime I try to go back in the alarm settings (Droid x2). Also, the widget size on my xoom tablet is cropped in landscape, fine in portrait. I don't have the widget problem on my Droid X2.
That's great news! About the alarms could you reproduce the issue and collect the logs on your phone? Here is how tohttp://support.xiialive.com/topic/38494-how-to-collect-error-logs/

Regards to the widgets I was able to reproduce the issue on a Motorola XOOM but not on Samsung tab.  I'll make sure it gets resolved! Thanks for the info!
When I tried to edit an existing stream, my Samsung Galaxy S2 on official ICS using Swiftkey keyboard is covering the textfield.  Furthermore, I can't tell where the cursor is (has to do with theme/cursor coloring).  The text also doesn't seem to scroll properly when it's longer than the textfield.
Yep, I see exactly what you are saying... The text complete hints seems to be covering over what you are writing.  I'll be fixing that.
The Bluetooth option of "auto stop" does not stay "on". When I leave the settings page it reverts back to "off" every time. Also the "auto Start option is "on" and stays on that setting,but the app doesn't auto start when I turn car on...have to manually start and stop. Worked fine for me with previous version.  Is this a user error, or beta glich? I have Galaxy Nexus w/Android 4.0.2. Also thanks for this upgrade, it really is awesome.
Cool! Thanks for the info! I do see the issue and will be fixed! :) Really appreciate the positive feedback! :)
LOVE the new XiiaLive. I'm coming back to it after giving up on it a long time ago. Addresses nearly every gripe I'd had. One thing I notice is that there seems to be some character encoding issues for some of the shoutcast stations' metadata. The streaming is pretty rock solid even in areas that have historically been dead spots on my daily commute. Pretty freakin' impressive!

Thanks! Worked hard to get the smart recovery to work :)  That's possibly why you don't get as many drops anymore. :)  Regards to the images I'll look into it... What devices do you have? And what version of Android is it running?
Nice job guys definitely some improvements...  After using it for the following week or so.. id like to provide the following feedback:

1.  On the "home" screen, on the light or dark themes, the options can still be hard to read.. especially in sunlight and on the lighter theme.  Can you possibly increase the font sixes of the text and make them a little more bold??

2.  While in the app the top bars can be hard to read, again, in brighter conditions and even on the lighter theme.. The orange with the black text can be hard to read.. and there seems to bee too many taps at the top.. anyway to condense them or use the screen realsate differently?
Thanks for your feedback!

1. This is definitively interesting and I will take notes for the graphics designer :)
2. Again this seems very interesting point of view.  What do you mean with too many taps at the top? Too many buttons? Or too many clickable areas? 
I'm having the same problem as described in http://support.xiialive.com/topic/77985-buffer-cannot-be-adjusted-for-icecast-streams/  the identical problem where it takes 15 seconds to buffer no matter what.
This is one of those issues that are caused by Android Media Framework. There is no real way to improve this on some devices.  I have tried many times.  The only solution is using the FFMpeg stream engine.  This engine will soon support seeking and pausing.
I tried that but I get unexpected stop on both ice cast and progressive http mp3 streams.
I emailed a copy of my log to support with the title 103038-xiialive-beta-v30000 (an extra 0, sorry).  I did it with ffmpeg which failed, then android stable, which worked, on the same url.
I turned off metadata and it works without buffering like nuts. Unfortunately I really need metadata. Does ffmpeg support that?
So you where able to stream using ffmpeg with metadata turned off correct? ffmpeg does support metadata but there might be a bug with this particular case.
Correct. If metadata could be fixed this would work fantastically.
The new beta version is not available for Samsung Galaxy Fit. Also you might want to know that the latest version of Xiialive (2.2.4) has issues with aacPlus playback on that model with Android 2.3.6. Winamp and TuneIn work perfectly. aacPlus streams skip and have glitches. 
I installed this beta on my Dell Steak 7 tablet with Honeycomb 3.2. Mp3 streams work perfectly but aacplus streams sound like they are on fast forward after about 5 minutes of playback. This doesn't happent on xiialive v2. I also extracted the apk and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Fit with Gingerbread 2.3.6. It works flawlessly except aacplus streams that have the same problems I reported last week. It also happens on v2.
Here's an interesting one, on my Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.2, if the Beta app is running, it doesn't appear in the Multitask list of running apps. Oddly, if the app is 'minimized' the app reappears in the Multitask list

1) From the widget, begin streaming

2) Press the Multitask/Running Apps button (bottom right on GNexus)

3) Note that XiiaLive Beta appears in the list of running apps

4) Hit the Back button and open the XiiaLive Beta app

5) Again, press the Multitask button

6) Note that XiiaLive Beta is no longer listed in the running apps list though it is still playing.

7) Hit the Home button to 'minimize' the app while it is still playing.

8) Press Multitask again

9) Note that the XiiaLive Beta app reappears in the list.

Thanks for the images got them... It is a normal behavior on Android.  Try using for example the Google music app.  It has the same behavior. Playing from the widget doesn't add xiia to the mutitask list since there was no page opened.
I'll be damned! Look at that. Sorry for the false alarm.
Whenever I try to play a station I get a "Force Close". The actual app still runs, but no music.

Motorola Atrix, Android 2.3.7
This is possibly because of the EQ not being initialized properly on your device. Its an issue I'm aware of and working on it! :) 
I'm sorry if this is a repeat but I can't seem to find a topic on it in the forums specifically related to the Beta. Does the Beta support the EQ? I thought it did if you have the paid XiiaLive app but maybe I'm thinking of another app. I see an icon for the EQ but it doesn't open any UI. I have the paid XiiaLive app installed on my GNexus 4.0.2.
EQ is currently not enabled.  It will be on the next beta update. Sorry for not putting some message or something to make it a little more obvious :(
In the meantime, I'm finding the 'Equalizer' app to be a functional 5-band eq with a widget for the whole device. Will be nice when we can make eq tweaks without leaving Xiia though.
There's a little typo in the Share UI. The Twitter sign in button says 'Sing in'. I sang my ### off but it wouldn't log me in. LOL


The seek bar doesnt seem to work with asx file. my radio station uses asx for archive streaming. I could not use the seek bar to skip ahead.

Currently the seek bar works with MPEG and AAC formats while using the Android stream engine.  We will support FFMpeg stream engine seek support in the near future.  FFmpeg handles asx.

Hi Jona, 

Thanks for keep updating the app. Another suggestion is to add setting for timeout (no. of connection retry). My 3G network connection sometimes drop out for few seconds in the subway and xiialive just restart the stream from beginning. This issue, with the lack of seek bar means I cant really use this app to listen to archives.

Could you create a new post suggesting this feature? That would make it easier for me to find it again and review your request :)

Will this app ever be able to seek on a stream like the following?




If it would do this reliably I'd buy it, as nothing else on the android market will play a stream like this with seeking.