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When should we look for the next release with this feature? I just got an iPad to compliment my Samsung phone. The speaker in the iPad is far superior to the Samsung, so I'd rather listen to it as i go to sleep. I love my Xiia app and was excited to find a version for iOS. Please keep us informed. Thanks!!

 Thanks so much for looking into it. 

 Thanks!  I look forward to the upgrade!

 I haven't been able to duplicate it this weekend, but maybe this is because I increased both the pre-buffer length and buffer length.  Something seems to have done the trick. 

 I'm running into the same problem.  I only listen to one station, but I've never had this problem with it until the upgrade.  Android 2.3.4.  HTC MyTouch 4g (Glacier).  MPEG station.  I'm not pausing it, but it will sometimes lose the signal while I walk around the house and that will pause the stream, then it jumps all around trying to re-synchronize.  Sometimes it never gets back in sync and I have to stop and restart the stream.  This is not a deal killer, but is kind of annoying.  Thanks for looking into it. 

I know I've complained all too often in this forum, but today I want to thank you for this app.  Sometimes I get an itch that only Shoutcast can scratch.  When Xiia works, it works great.  Today is one of those great days.  Thanks. 
Oh, thank goodness. The problem does not occur under 2.1.9.  Thank you for the heads-up. 
Same problem here.  I'm using Motorola Rokr headphones.  And yes, every single User Experience (what a stupid thing to call it) setting is set to Off, including Media Controls.  This started with the latest update to version 2.1.8.  Because you do not seem to believe that your users are having this problem, I will be specific in my description.  I am listening to something in PowerAmp.  Xiia is NOT running.  I press the Play/Pause button on my headphones, intending to stop the playback of PowerAmp.  This works, but it also starts up Xiia, which I did not intend and which should not have happened.  Remember, it WAS NOT running.  If I press the Play/Pause button on my headphones again, it stops Xiia and does not start PowerAmp.  I do not use this program enough to understand why it is causing me as much trouble as it has.  Streaming audio is maybe 0.1% of my listening.  This program makes up about 99.9% of my technical problems. 
OK. I must have turned off something. I was playing around with the settings in User Experience. I have turned off everything at this point and that seems to have done it. Oh, happy days. I like Shoutcast and wanted to keep Xiia, really I did. Thank you. But maybe you could label that setting a little better? I am not a computer novice. I tried to turn off what made sense, but none of those settings seem to cover the issue. I still don't know what did it and I'm not going to fiddle around with them to find out, because I use my other media apps 10x more often. Thank you for being so responsive.