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Hi, There is the same problem i Sweden. I ask the head of mobile network Tele 2 in Sweden and here is his answer: 

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Existing 3G-4G handover while streaming, so this function is not the suppliers of mobile networks than (Ericsson Tele2/Telias) networks, planned for this function to get the fall 2015.
Why is it impossible for modems and smartphones to connect automaticly from a 3G network to a 4 G network when you listned to an audiostream from a radiostation without stopping the audiostream?

If you stop the audiostream you have to wait for about 30-45 seconds before the network will change from 3G to 4G. In an ordinary smartphone you can't force the unit to stay at the 4g network. In a lot of portable 4g Wi-fi routers you can do that!!

Why will not all units (smartphones) automaticly change from 3G to 4G when you listened to an audiostream?
What's wrong?
Do you mean that there will be new Android smartphones that include FFMpeg in the decoding chip?

FF Mpeg does not work very well when you are listening mobile.

There is no audiobuffer at all. Decoding in Android mode works much better but the radiostation has to deliver a prebuffer in the Icecastserver. 75 seconds works very well when the networks svitch beteeen 3G and Edge.
The audiomatch tool in Xiia Live works also well when you sometimes lost the IP-adress in mobile receiving.

Hi  again,

The frequency responce in AAC+ in 32 Kbit/s is Ok in the real Live version (about 17 Khz). Both when the Internal stream engine is on or off. Thats fine!

In XiiaLive Lite there is limitation on 32 Kbit/s to about 8 KHz.




Another strange thing with Xiia Live is that the reconnection to an UMTS transmitter after you have got a break starts after you have used all the buffer. Then there will be a drop before you have been reconnected again.
In an Iphone that reconection will start direct after you have lost the connection. If you have a big buffer in server or/and in your smartphone there will be no dropout in the sound
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How will I activate the AMF Hero Beta XiiaLive version?

Best/ Lars

p.s I can´t get the prebuffring to work on my m3u-streams. Why?
In Shootcast everything works fine

The Phone is just now an HTC Hero togethet with  Android 2.1 update1

The problem is that when you use a low bitrate AAC+ stream in 32 Kbit/s the frequency response is limited to 8 Khz. With other players like Tune In the respnse is 17 Khz. That depends on the SBR-mode in AAC+. That is not working in a right way in XiiaLive

Best Lars
The list is here:

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P4 Blekinge
P4 Dalarna
P4 Gotland
P4 Gävleborg
P4 Göteborg
P4 Halland
P4 Jämtland
P4 Jönköping
P4 Kalmar
P4 Kristianstad
P4 Kronoberg
P4 Malmöhus
P4 Norrbotten
P4 Sjuhärad
P4 Skaraborg
P4 Stockholm
P4 Sörmland
P4 Uppland
P4 Värmland
P4 Väst
P4 Västerbotten
P4 Västernorrland
P4 Västmanland
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SR Extra 10

It will take up to 50 seconds to change network from Wi-Fi to 3G and to GSM/GPRS/Edge. Therefore it´s very imortant to have the possibility to have a larger buffer both in the server and in the player