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The fix works like a charm. thanks
I have been in contact with HTC today and they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.I also cant stream sirius.I also found an application that does work but only by pasting the address into the address line it won't find the sites I listen to by searching. I conveyed this app to HTC and they said they will look into the differences.I prefer your interface to the others and you have been nothing but responsive to this issue.once this HTC issue is resolved I plan on buying your payed version.
I have been using Xiialive for weeks with no problems, as soon as the update below loaded lists connecting..... buffering....... connection dropped. I tried multiple bitrates, different sites nothing plays.I also saw others on one of the forums having the same problem
Here is how sprint lists the update that I applied:
This update will bring the software version up to 3.70.651.1 and includes the following enhancements and fixes.

•Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
•Kindle eReader
•Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
•Sprint Zone update
•Latest Telenav
•Latest Visual Voicemail Application

•Latest Sprint TV application
•SWYPE keyboard
•Scan Now Widget for 4G

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