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Android Auto no longer requires a "compatible vehicle", but instead offers an enlarged simplified phone interfaceappropriate for in-car use. Default music apps are Google Play and Pandora, but many others may be added. Sadly, XiiaLive Pro is not yet among the options. Let's remedy that ASAP, yes?

Jona! This is NOT an answer! Let's get crackin' on this.
Tomek posed this query 3 years ago. I made similar request 2 years ago. Still zero progress? What have you tried?Anything whatsoever? Come on!

When my phone's screen has timed out, or when viewing XiiaLive Pro status in the pull-down, I'm already able to see cover art that's embedded in the streams to which I listen (for example Energy98). Art appears as an icon to the left of the play-controls. I'd love to have the option of displaying cover art that's already being delivered from the "Player" screen.

Nexus 6 ; Lollipop 5.0.1 (unlocked, rooted) ; XiiaLive Pro
License can't be verified via any channel (WiFi, VzW, TMUS tested)
Clearing data/cache restores operation for 2-3 weeks, but problem recurs.
Backup xml FAILS to restore ALARMS or selected skin (Classic dark).
Only "time" seems to reproduce the issue. Pls let me know what diagnostic data I can provide you.
Ask that you please consider:
1. Add Alarms & selected skin to backup xml
2. Examine means to avoid online/ota license check (use local key?)
The Bionic is long gone now. (And none too soon: What a lemon that phone was!) Still, I have yet to find Docking accessories that come close to what Motorola used to make! After updating the Bionic ROM, the XiiaLive Back/Live toggle worked fine again. (We can probably move this questioned status to "Answered", as it would appear to have been caused by a rooted OS issue.)