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Under review

How can I delete the received MB?

fidesexferrofactaest 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 0
"Total network received: 9.71MB"
How can I delete this?
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago
We don't store the streamed content. The total network received is how much data you have read from an outside network, the internet.  So, you don't have to worry about XiiaLive storing streamed content on your phone.
Not a bug

Equalizer doesn't work

Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago in Android / Equalizer • updated by Rockcvn71 3 years ago 8
There have been various reports that on some devices the EQ simply doesn't work. If you are having this particular issue please include your device name and the Android version it is running. Let us know if previously the EQ worked or not. This will help us know which devices are affected.

EQ doesn't work. The EQ settings is shown empty with an error message. This EQ bug happens to only a few devices running an specific Android version. We have tried just about everything to resolve this issue but had no luck. After some research everything points to a bug with Android OS.

With your help we are going to continue to investigate and see if we can resolve the issue with a legit or hacky fix. Our best bet for fixing this issue will be creating our own EQ from scratch. The good news is that we do have plans to create our own EQ and that should resolve the EQ bugs once and for all.

Can you add our German radio?

Olivia von Radiossc 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 1
Hello dear XiiaLive team, I have a question. I am from Germany and I will our radio make in a list here in XiiaLive. Can u help me please? Our radio is very good. See please here: www.radio-ssc.de  I`m listen it every day over XiiaLive. Thank u. Olivia 
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago
Please take a look at the following post. Thanks!