unexpected stop

Randy French 12 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 9
I'm getting unexpected stop on groovera jet city lounge and low mercury
Could you provide the URLs to these stations? I have tried searching for these stations but didn't find them. Thanks!
Hello. I'm not speaking english very well, but I'll do my best. Since I reinstall Xiialive, I don't find any Groovera stations on Android... Is there a technical problem ?
I just took a look and I only see two Groovera stations. If there are more of those stations that you want you can always add them to the UberStations directory so they can be accessed by everyone on XiiaLive. :)

Follow the steps for UberStations under this link:
Not enough details to look into this issue.
  1. Thank you for anserwring. I only found one groovera station, not more. I have to continue to look for a solution.
How have you found the stations ? By taping Groovera only ? Because I try like this and I find nothing...
Well, I've finaly found a solution. I use VLC, it's easier to access groovera stations. I'm sorry. Thank you and good luke.

Hey Olivier, I realize you wrote this a while back. I just searched for Groovera using the UberStations directory on XiiaLive and there are now 8 Groovera stations! :) Hope you can come back to XiiaLive. :)