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No you're not blind :)

Please take a look at this post:


To tag a song just hit the "tagme" button located right above the play button. The "+" button is to add the current station to your favorites. 
You can then view your tagged songs by either
1)pressing the "Tags" button on the home screen
2)pressing the "Tags" button on the menu bar at the bottom (you might need to scroll left or right to see it)
As long as you use the same Google account you won't have a problem downloading your purchased apps again. 

If the stations aren't on the SHOUTcast then unfortunately they won't be on Xiialive. We use the their database and can't add, delete, or modify any stations. You can however add your own stations to your favorites if you have the stream url. You can usually find it on the stations website or by searching on google. 

I found both stations for you ;) 

Go to this link and add either url (there's two for each; .asx and .m3u): 

fm apen:

rock and pop

To add them to your favorites follow this tutorial:

*Nosotros tambien somos Argentinos ;)

We will add Drum & Bass and Dubstep on the next update :)
It might be a little while for the next update but for now you can search for "drum and bass" (dnb) or "dubstep" and find many stations.

Well no :)

Xiialive is a streaming app. We use the SHOUTcast database (radio stations) and provide it to all android users. You can also add stations that are not in the database by going to your favorites or opening one from the browser. You can however broadcast your own station on for free.

About the .flac streams... We are going to investigate a little more and see if we need a codec or not. It might already work with the internal stream engine turned on. Flac is only supported on android 3.1 and up though...
Do you have any .flac stations we can use for testing?

It seems like fraterno and boa nova are working now. :)

Sometimes stations can take their stream down for maintenance and don't put it back up for days or even weeks. Another possibility is that some stations are pirated so they can be taken down permanently. 

Also, please note that we can't add, delete or modify any station from the database. More info can be found here:
Unfortunately we currently only have Xiialive available for android. We do have plans to expand to more phones in the future though. 
Sorry for such a late reply...
This is most likely a problem with your phone.
We don't disable the volume buttons at any time.
You can however keep the screen on while xiialive is being used.
You can do this by going to >settings >user experience >tap on "screen timeout"

Note: your battery will lose power a lot faster!

Please provide a little more info...

We can not add, delete, or modify any station in the database.

More info can be found here: