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This is definitely on our plans :)
Is there any special features you would like to see on a larger screen?
Are you using a custom rom? Unfortunately some custom roms have some issues and bugs that will affect certain apps. Try this fix though and let me know if it helped:
Could you let me know the url you are trying to add?
It might be that its not supported by xiialive yet.

The settings page was change a bit but all the options are still there (plus some new ones). 

About the stations, they shouldn't have changed because of the update. Sometimes stations take their streams down temporarily for maintenance and are back up in a few hours or sometimes days. Also, they can be taken down permanently do to piracy. 

Another problem might be that they changed their url so playing it from your favorites might not work. In this case, deleting it and adding it back to your favorites will fix it. 

If you updated from the lite to the paid, doing a backup on the lite version and then a restore on the paid version will get all of your favorites and tagged songs updated to the paid version. You can do this by going to the 'settings' and then 'advanced users'.

Unfortunately we currently do not have Xiialive available for a computer. Maybe in the future... You can go to and listen to the same radios though.

This seems kind of strange since there is not limit to the number of favorites or tagged songs you can have. Maybe you are pressing tagged instead of the add to favorites button (+). Remember, 'tag' is to save the songs info(artist and song title) and (+) is to add the station to your favorites. If that wasn't the problem please send us an email at: