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Please provide a little more info on to what this is...
Also, about streaming Canadian stations such as CBC...
You can search on
If you find it there, it will be in the xiialive.
If you don't find it you can try searching on (in your phone's browser).

Well it depends on your bluetooth device...

Most ear pieces don't support music streaming and aren't stereo.
They only support low bitrate and mono (good for voice calls) so it won't work for listening to music.
If your device does support music streaming though, you can listen to xiialive through bluetooth :)
First (you might have already done this), you have to pair your bluetooth device with your phone. 
You can do this by going to your >phone's settings >wireless & networks >bluetooth settings (the location of bluetooth settings might be a little different on your phone).
Once you have your device paired up with your phone, go to xiialive and press on >settings >advanced users >bluetooth options
If your device shows up on the list, it means you have paired it up correctly to your phone. You can tap it to get more options.
You might also have to turn on the "media controls" by going to >settings >user experience. 
Do you mean your favorites and tags?
There currently is no way to import your own custom files.
You can backup/restore your favs/tags by going to 
>settings >advanced users
If you would like to save your backup file, it can be found on the root of your sd card named dliveBk.db
This was a problem with the SHOUTcast directory.
They were fixing/updating their directory.
I believe they have fixed everything but there might still be some testing.

Please take a look a this post:

If you're station is no longer on the Shoutcast directory try searching for it on vtuner: 

If its there, just play it from your phone and add it to your favorites.

The file can be found on the root of your sd card. It's called "dliveBk.dat"

You can also long press on a favorite or tagged song and share it(send it to your email). 

Sorry for such a late reply :(

Could you please try the new beta app on the market? We have improve many things that should fix your problem.  

Please try the internal engine too. Its still in beta state but for most phones its working super nice :) 

If you haven't already, first pair your device with your phone. You can do this by going to your phones settings and then pressing on "wireless & networks".

Once your device is paired up with your phone, you can use it with Xiialive.

First go to >settings >advaced users >bluetooth optioins. 

If your device was successfully connected to your phone it will show up there.

You can then press it for more options. 

We have just received our qHD phone so that we can fix the issue with the app not filling up the whole screen on larger phones. That should be fixed on the next update.

With the tablets though, its a little more difficult.
The graphics just don't work very well with the larger screens on the tablets. We need to make a new design (which we do have planned for the future).

Android 3.2 does have an option to stretch the app to fill the whole screen though (kind of like the ipad). More and more tablets should be getting the 3.2 update soon.