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Thank you for your reply!  Okay sounds good I'll be on the lookout for an update.  The main thing needed here I think is just a way to download and open a stations via a file such as a pls or m3u from a website such as Digitally Imported or  Internet Radio sites such as these give an option in settings to download file for use in a streamer such as XiiaLive.  Hopefully this can be done in the upcoming update!  Keep up the good work!
Okay perfect, I didn't realize that option is accessed via long pressing the history button in the current version. I was just long pressing individual stations and songs. Thanks for your help!

I did switch to the FFmpeg streaming engine and sound quality is noticeably better.  Streams also start much faster when using this engine.  I plan to use the FFmpeg streaming engine from now on.  Thank you for the suggestion!

It's been a long time since the original post above, but I did want to point out that the current version of XiiaLive did address my concern regarding sorting of favorites.  Thank you very much for incorporating the sorting options into the app.

This is definitely good news.  I've been a XiiaLive user for years.  Even after trying and even switching to competitors I always find myself coming back.  Releasing a version of XiiaLive of the same quality as the android version over to iOS would be a huge benefit to that base of users.  There are fewer viable streaming options on that OS than there are on android.  Even the design of Shoutcast's own iOS app pales in comparison to XiiaLive.  I also expect an iOS version would be a huge benefit to XiiaLive's overall success as well considering the large base of users for the OS.

Lastly, I could see myself possibly switching to iOS in the future and this app is essential for me on both phones and tablets.  I would be missing it greatly if it weren't available to me to use.  If development of the iOS version is successful, I would suggest to make sure there is a way to restore favorites and tags from the backup file created by the android version.  Good luck with the new project developers!

Okay, that's good to hear!  I use that feature to add my and Digitally Imported stations that are mysteriously missing (boo!) from Shoutcast.  In any case, looking forward to the updates.  You guys have done an amazing job with the beta thus far.
Good afternoon developers, just wanted to check in and see if there's any news on the upcoming version.  I have about 80 stations in my internet radio library and used your software previously, but the favorites system just got too cumbersome.  I switched to TuneIn Radio until the new version with more favorites sorting options is released.  The current version's sort by number of plays system just didn't work well for me.  That said, I think you guys have an amazing product with one of the best streaming engine's available.  Will there be a beta soon for the new version soon?  I'd be glad to try out a beta as long as there's no risk to my phone.
Is the new version going to have better support for tablets?  I'm currently using TuneIn Radio on my tablet as Xiia Live doesn't display very well on it at all.
Okay I'll keep an eye out.  I'll probably try it out on my tablet first as I need a good radio streamer for it.  Thanks
Good afternoon, just wanted to check and see if you guys have an ETA on the new version yet.  I'm actually switched to TuneIn Radio for the time being.  I have a number of stations in my presets/favorites and their service allows for drag and drop folder sorting making any method of organization possible.