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Under review

Bluetooth streaming broken on latest release (3.01 on ATT SGS3)

Peter Fischer 12 years ago in Bluetooth / Controls updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago 0

When the stream finishes buffering, I heard audio for 2-3 seconds, before the audio stream cuts out.  XiiaLive continues to play through the active stream, but no audio is heard.  On previous versions, this was fine.

The audio seems to cut out right as the stream meta data rolls across the Android notification bar.  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the newly added AVRCP support or not, but the timing looks very suspicious.  This problem does not occur when using headphones.

Additional Information:

Samsung Galaxy S3 

Android Version 4.04 - Stock/Unrooted

XiiaLive Pro version 3.01

Vehicle Subaru Legacy 2012

Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago

Sorry for the super delayed reply! 

First let's see if possibly the new AVRCP 1.3 hack broke BT streaming.

- Turn off the Icy-metadata option under Settings->Stream and try starting a new stream. Let me know if the issue still happens. This should cause AVRCP not to be used by the app since no metadata will be active.

After that test regardless if an issue still occurs try collecting the logs right after the issue happens when streaming. This hopefully will allow me to see a possible cause.