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Ability to Sync Favorites, Recently Played, etc across multiple devices.

Matt Schepp 11 years ago in Android / Backup&Restore updated by Mike Steidl 9 years ago 7
Just recently got an Android Tablet.. and have been using this app for years on my phone.

Is there anyway to sync your favorites, etc across multiple devices, or could you add such feature?  (Maybe even as a PRO Feature?)

Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago

Great request! We have already started this feature development. Definitively is a feature we really want to have specially for cases you are mentioning. We currently don't have an expected release date for this feature but for sure you will see it on XiiaLive!

Under review

Favorites and Alarm Lists are empty

ipuertas 11 years ago in Android / Backup&Restore updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago 0
(Pro Version,, Android 4.0.0, LG Optimus 2x)

When I save a station, or an alarm, they seems to be saved correctly (Alarm works fine and, if I export favorites and open the xml file in text mode, the stations saved are there); but, when I tap in Favorites tab, the list is empty. Restoring the exported xml file again doesn't work (favorites list keeps empty). Same issue happens with Alarms: if I go to Settings>Alarms, list is empty; but, if I schedule an alarm time, it works fine. But I can't manage any alarm (ie, I can't delete or edit them).

Jona (Lead Developer) 11 years ago

Could you email me your backup file? I would like to see if there are any potential issues with it. Send it to xiialive@visualblasters.com.