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'Unsupported Media'. Help!

Ann Driscoll 10 years ago in Playback / XStream updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 32

Suddenly in the middle of the night I hear the dreaded thunking sound and the message indicates unsupported media. What does that mean? I need my comedy programs in the night! Galaxy S-III

Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago
Update v3.2.0.5 has been released with a fix for this issue.
Under review

XiiaLive Pro becomes unresponsive after BT auto stop

murekepaiva 10 years ago in Android / Playback updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago 1
My XiiaLive Pro becomes unresponsive after it detects that my bt headphones are no longer in range (auto stop). This started after the update. This happens with Nokia BH-905i, Sennheiser MM 100 and Nokia CK-600. It says "stopping" on the status bar (info bar). Pause/play and stop buttons does not respond. Next and prev buttons changes the station name, but there is no audio. Also the connection notification sounds are not played (bouncing ball). Xiia logo stays in the android notification menu as it was actively playing. Stopping and starting the Xiia process from android menu resolves the issue but this kind of makes the auto start and auto stop feature useless. HTC Desire Z and Android 2.3.3.
Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago
Thanks for your feedback. We have released various updates since  your last post. Are you still having similar issues?

If you are what stream engine are you using? Please make sure you are using FFMpeg as your default stream engine under XiiaLive Settings/Stream.