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just hold on the textfield and the PASTE button will appear. time to learn how to use an Android phone including tips and tricks :P

There are 2 ways i did:

- Create a txt file with my links in my sdcard, open the file with X-plore app, copy the link and paste it in Xiialive

- Use Droid4X emulator or Bluestacks, install Xiialive and paste the link, and transfer my backup to my device via Google Drive in X-plore app.

Yeah, a recording feature would be great

Hi. MS Band isn't supported with Xiialive yet, and MS Band was made for Windows Phones

Same problem on an Android version. it is happen randomly. Sometimes it restarts, sometimes it stops for no reason

you can't just edit the xiia file that caused file corruption. why can't you simply add custom links in the Xiialive app?

This feature was been requested 2 years ago but they have not added it yet

This feature was made to hide any content in notification message in Android OS, so i don't think they can do anything.

why not use Google Music or PowerAMP?

EQ is still under beta, so it may not work for some devices. EQ works fine on Droid4X emulator, running Android 4.4.2, but the bass boost does not work.