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Oh ok. contact the developer about this problem.

Tried 50 minutes buffer cache and it didn't happen for 4 days, but today it stops again, and i think the stopped bug is cased by the lock screen, because i lock/unlock the screen to often. The lock screen is turned off which means no lock

That happen for me twice and my tablet is connected to LAN. Not Wi-fi. But it mostly stops

Mine does backup tags with special characters "æøå". Does yours show the rectangle or question marks symbol?

Yeah, i changed the cache buffer to 50 minutes and it solve the problem, but it has nothing to do with the RAM, because even i have 1 GB free RAM space and it only reached 5-15 minutes, it just stop for no reason

Go to settings -> report bug, and post the file here. Thanks

Ustream is using a flv format which can't be played in Xiialive. Flv audio format work, but not audio+video. Xiialive is a part of Shoutcast so take a look at Shoutcast broadcast. i'd recommended AAC or MP3 format

after that, make metadata support which show the song title on the client

I hope it helps

Wow. This bug was been fixed already. You are the best!

That would be great for Samsung users. The tabs only hide when you open the player. You can press back button to go back to main menu and slide from right to open the multi-view.


I have tested those station on Xiialive Pro and all of them are working fine.