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Ignore the link above. i have got it to work by removing the RTMP link

But the RTMP link i posted in topic, does work perfectly on VLC Media Player and VLC can also retrieve song titles from RTMP link. The problem is Xiialive have the bug that ignores the "R" letter in link and return as tcp:// instead. that caused "failed to connect" error because the "R" letter is missing

In logcat, it says:

08-18 15:36:13.211 E/ffmpeg  ( 1059): Cannot open connection tcp:// 15:36:13.215 E/libxl   ( 1059): void LOG_FFMPEG_ERROR(int): LOG_FFMPEG_ERROR :: fferror [-99='Cannot assign requested address']
08-18 15:36:13.215 W/libxl   ( 1059): int Playlist::cancel(): Nothing cooking!

can you see that Xiialive ignores the "R" letter?

Here is the RTMP link of KOST 103.5 Los Angeles. I repeat, you must use US VPN/Proxy to be able to play the station!


Proof that RTMP link works in VLC Media Player

this link also not work. i hope you will add RTMP support fast asap.


What is the name of your station? have you waited 24 hours?

You need to explain more so the developers can help you

You can get the link from the station, but you have to backup your favorites and open the .xl file with File explorer. Backup it, select file explorer and choose the location you want to save. Open the .xl file and find the link you are looking for

This is not true. Memory leaks was been fixed 2 years ago and the stopped bug was been fixed for lollipop after release. The stopped bug still present on Android 4.1.2 ~ 4.4.4 and all useless apps are uninstalled and disabled

My device leaking? NO, your app leaking 130 MB of RAM. My device always have 1 GB free space no matter how long it was running

Stop lying to me and trying to get me to upgrade to 6.0.1, just to avoid fixing this bug. I have seen some developers telling me like that and no longer got any replies. I'll keep an eye on you.

Update 5: 4 weeks later, it happen again. I always reboot my device everyday. Devs and supporters, do not ignore me!

Why supporters won't even listen to my me?

so if you want 60 minutes cache, you need to wait 60 minutes to get full cache. It doesn't mean that you can skip ahead like going to the future with a time machine :)

Cache means that the streamed files are cached max (let's say 60) minutes and not more than 60 minutes. Also it allows you to rewind back if you want to listen to your favorite song again and again. I always rewind back while the ads are playing.

Thanks. can you give me a link where i can join beta version?