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Yes, go to settings -> stream and disable Icy-metadata

Because the stream cache is stored in RAM and not in storage. If you set the cache length to 60min, Xiialive will use 140 MB total. Tunein store the cache directly in the storage memory and it does not use much RAM. I have requested this for a year ago and they still haven't made it.

i know. i need a hot fix. i don't have a backup of

It sounds like that the dex file of Xiialive in dalvik-cache partition, was been broken. If your device is rooted, you can use Lspeed or other 3rd party apps to clear the whole dalvik-cache partition. If not rooted, turn off your phone. Hold vol up + power + home button at the same time and release it when you got into recovery mode. press vol up/down to move highlight and power button to select. Now to down to wipe /cache partition and press power to select. It should clear /cache (user cache) and /dalvik-cache partition.

When you turn on your phone, it will take longer time to boot than normal. Only one time. It just like you turned on your new phone for the first time after you bought a new phone :)

If it still not work, backup your data and factory reset. It will wipe everything except external SDcard

AndroidPIT Recovery Menu Reboot System

That will require more programming skills to make the app ability to read the xml file outside the app. Making themes can only be done in xml coding and it is not easy to make a theme.

Hi, is Album artwork enabled in Settings -> General?

try this link, it will work;stream.mp3

I think I will make a tutorial how to get correct/supported streaming link soon

Hi, go to Settings -> Storage and clear cached data and reboot your device. This will NOT delete any of your personal data!

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You didn't mention your device model so i'm unable to figure it out what problem is caused. If you turned on battery saver or limiting Xiialive by turning off some permissions or use 3rd party app to take control over Xiialive, unknown problems might occur.

if you don't like knocking sounds, you can open Xiialive settings -> Sound, and turn off Theme and Volume