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let me know if it works

No, you don't need to transfer anything. Just logout all google accounts, reboot your device, and login with your google account that you have purchased Xiialive Pro, as a primary account, and then you can login with your other accounts as the other accounts

Hi. Xiialive was made for radio station only. Are you streaming a radio station?

Ok. Do the following:

1. Uninstall Xiialive Pro

2. Go to settings -> accounts

3. Log out all of your google accounts

4. Go to settings -> Apps

5. Clear data from Play Store and Google Play Services

6. Reboot your device

7. Login with your Google account that you have purchased Xiialive Pro before

I hope this help. None of your data are changed or deleted during this steps. It will just refresh the Google Services, and you will be asked to re-login with your Google account on some apps


Make sure you don't have any illegal apps installed, such as Freedom or Lucky Patcher. I got this problem when i have Lucky Patcher installed on my device, and uninstalling it solve the problem

Thanks. Could you allow me to edit this topic so i can put more details in it?

I want you to develop recording feature easier for you. You make the cache buffer stored in the RAM, right? Instead store in the RAM, make it store the cache buffer directly in the device storage (I'd recommended /sdcard/Android/data/ as most devices have 1 or 2 GB space in /data partition. Newer devices combine /data and /sdcard partition together) to see if it is ok. Then make a recording feature which simply convert cache buffer to mp3/acc in /sdacrd/xiialive/recording

I request a new feature about Google Backup Service support + Allow users to edit tags/favorits/links on and sync it:

i have no problem with missing paste options. apps that i'm using are working fine as it should. The Paste button will not appear if there is no clipboard